Turtle Hare Farmers- Eric and Kayla with the microgreens

Hello and welcome!

I’ve barely scratched the surface and there’s already so much life in the food I’ve found.

Let’s follow the many roads to food integrity!

We’re all at different places on the road, making constant choices about food. I’ll be weeding out the greenwashing in our food chain. Let’s get back to simple, nutritious, tasty food – one farmer, one crop, one meal at a time – and share our harvests with those in need.

Let’s start digging in; doesn’t matter if you grow your own, buy from your local farmer, or donate money or produce to a food shelf, if we all do a little something together we will move mountains.

Let’s make it less daunting and more fun by traveling together. Go ahead –  jump on my haywagon and come along for the ride!

Veggified Zuppa Toscana- recipe in the Soup Suite Blog.

I promise lots of flavor, dirt under your fingernails and an open mind!

I wrote a blog post all about why I started this site up, you can  read more here !

Let’s Dig In!


*ps: If a question pops up, please go ahead and message me. I’ll try and find a commonsense path to an answer for us both (because I’ve probably wondered the same things you are).